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AJFCS Presents to Professionals & Legislature at FCOA Conference

Posted by Derek Hurwitch of Alpert Jewish Family & Children's Service
AJFCS Presents to Professionals & Legislature at FCOA Conference picture
AJFCS Assoc. Exec. Director inspires professionals on the subject of engaging boomers and older adults.

It was a week spent informing and inspiring many state professionals and the legislature about some critical issues impacting Florida's elders.  

More than 500 professionals servicing the aging network have gathered at the Caribe Royale Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando for the Florida Council on Aging Annual Conference. AJFCS led the way, providing not only three key presentations, but also a featured agency exhibit within Caribe Royale's exhibit hall. Professionals from around the state, along with legislative members and Governor Charlie Christ have gathered to hear presentations from Jenni Frumer, MSEd, LCSW, NCG, Associate Executive Director and Joan Ensink, LCSW, Coordinator and Family Consultant of AJFCS' LifePlanning Program.

Frumer and Ensink's presentations will provide vital education, focusing on subjects of engaging boomers, cultural competency and the challenges associated with planning for your adult disabled child. Additionally, AJFCS will be marketing its nationally-recognized older adult services, designed not only to assist older adults, but their families and caregivers as well.

Below, you will find information about Frumer & Ensink's presentations. For more information on the conference, you can follow online at

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50+ or Bust: How to Effectively Engage Boomers for Organizations: Jenni Frumer

The Conference Board, in a 2009 report: "A Perfect Match? How Nonprofits Are Tapping into the Boomer Talent Pool" identified ways 50+ volunteers are making a difference. This workshop will describe the many different ways one organization (sited asa case study in the report) has successfully engaged boomers tosupport and expand services and community outreach. During these challenging economic times, organizations need to seize the opportunity and ride the boomer-tidal-wave. This interactive workshop will review the unique trends and characteristics of boomers and will provide participants with the hands-on tools, resources and lessons-learned in order to initiate or enhance their organizations volunteer program.

360-Degree View of Cultural Competency: It's a Journey, Not a Destination! Jenni Frumer

This workshop focuses on strategies and practices that can enhance cultural competency for the professional and the organization. Lack of awareness about cultural differences can make it difficult for both providers and patients to achieve the best, most appropriate care and services. Despite all our similarities, fundamental differences among people arise from nationality, ethnicity, and culture, as well as from family background and individual experiences. These differences affect health beliefs, practices, and behavior on the part of both patient and provider, and also influence the expectations that patient and provider have of each other. Client-provider relationships are affected when understanding of each other's expectations is missing.

'Mommy Forever': The Challenges of Caring for an Adult Disabled Child: Joan Ensink

The workshop describes the LifePlanning program, designed to address the needs of the target population: aging parents of adult disabled children. The challenges of growing old with a child with disabilities, the stresses of being a life-long caregiver, and of addressing one's own increasing needs while remaining the "lifeline" for the child. Resources available to families dealing with these challenges will be addressed. This workshop provides hands on tools and explains the importance of developing a coalition of community providers who will participate in the multi-layered efforts needed to help the aging adult and the aging disabled child.